Check out some of our popular hair styles for a look that fits your personality.


Body Wrap

Blow dry press and curl. Wrap style done with thick body waves. Easy to maintain; wrapped with non resistant scarf. Style lasts a base of 2 weeks.


Straight Wrap

Silky straight wrap style with extensions added for extreme length. Style is bone straight for drama.



A-line bob

A-line bob done with highlighted colors and bold body curls. Easy maintenance; wrap hair with non resistant scarf.

a-line bob


Long Layers

Long Layered look tightly textured around the face to create drama flow. Hair can be curled tight to create multiple looks.


In the law of healthy hair and me, less is more. The less you do with the hair the more it grows. Our goal is to get your hair back to its natural state of healthiness and to look good while doing it. So when is it okay to perm and when should you pass on a perm? Here are 3 tips to keep in mind.

– Just because you have thick tresses doesn’t necessarily mean you should perm. Perms work best when your hair isn’t damaged or too dry as perming hair that’s already been damaged can result in major frizz and dry out your hair even more.

-To perm or not to perm? That’s based solely on your needs… For example a business professional that must have a great first impression and her time is limited, this may be the time to perm.

-Less is more. The less you do with the hair the more it grows. So if you perm, protect the ends by dusting them and give the hair nourishment it needs by increasing the levels of protein and hydration.