Barrel curls with colored highlights.



Messy sexy curl free flowing beach style.


Long locks,  too a line textured layers

Short and sassy, sexy messy ,  a good look for the summer.


Check out some of our popular hair styles for a look that fits your personality.


Body Wrap

Blow dry press and curl. Wrap style done with thick body waves. Easy to maintain; wrapped with non resistant scarf. Style lasts a base of 2 weeks.


Straight Wrap

Silky straight wrap style with extensions added for extreme length. Style is bone straight for drama.



A-line bob

A-line bob done with highlighted colors and bold body curls. Easy maintenance; wrap hair with non resistant scarf.

a-line bob


Long Layers

Long Layered look tightly textured around the face to create drama flow. Hair can be curled tight to create multiple looks.