1. The hair on your head is not alive.

2. Your hair works on memory or repetition. So…the hair on your head will do what YOU do most even if that means nothing!

3. Hair is made up of three layers – the Cortex, Cuticle and Medulla which are meant to layer one another.

4. As your hair grows, the natural protective oils from the scalp reach the ends of your hair slower.

5. The ends of your hair are considered old once they reach 10 centimeters.

6. Sun exposure, overheating, and over-shampooing can intensify Trichoptilosis (Trichoptilosis = Split Ends).

7. Split ends DO NOTstop the growth of hair.

8. Split ends occur when the protective cuticle has been stripped away from the end of the hair fibers, causing the strand to open.

9. Hydrating treatments can help keep split ends at bay.

10. Trimming your ends every 6 – 8 weeks gives your hair a freedom that is endless!

What you may not know about “Healthy Hair” maintenance that you should know!!

Tip #1: Its all about Iron…

  • Iron can cause water to have a red or rusty hue.
  • And can leave hair feeling dry brittle and weighted down.
  • It causes dark hair to tint darker and blonde hair to turn orange, and can inhibit chemical processing.

Iron, Copper, magnesium, Causes many of the same effects on the hair, Copper can

Turn blonde hair green and dark hair tints darker.

Magnesium, Can causes hair to lack shine and dry hair, weight down and inhibit chemical processing.

Calcium and Silica can cause dandruff like symptoms of flaking,

Build up of silica can choke the hair follicle causing hair to fall out.

To improve the hairs health and further prevent issues with dryness and buildup,

People can use filters that will remove the minerals found in most city water.

And use demineralizing shampoos and conditioners.